Choosing a Good Credit Card
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When shopping for a credit card for a student, know that the best student credit cards are those with a low spending limit. This keeps the student from taking on more debt that they can handle. A student must choose a ” Good Credit Card”  in order to spend limited and reduce debts or chances of taking any debts.

Another way to judge a credit card offer is by the interest rate. The student needs to be sure to read the fine print, though, because many cards that cater to students offer low rates for the introductory period, and after the introductory period the rates jump significantly. Avoid teaser rates! Shop for the lowest interest rate you can find.

Instant Approval Student Credit Cards

One option for college students is instant approval student credit cards. There are a few student credit cards out there offering instant approval. This does not meant that he owner will be able to use the card immediately, but rather that the owner will not have to wait on approval, but the card will be sent out right away. This lowers the wait time before the card can be used. It can be challenging for a college student to find an instant approval card, but the Internet is the place to go when looking. Keep in mind that instant approval offers are usually for those with good credit, so students that have little to no credit will need to build some credit before applying.

Cautions about Student Credit Cards

Students applying for credit cards need to realize that a student credit card is not free money. It can take many years and cost thousands in interest over the course of a credit card if a student has a card that they can only pay the minimum on. Also, paying late and carrying high balances negatively affects the credit rating, even if the person is working with their first credit card. So students seeking to build credit through a credit card need to closely monitor their spending and pay their bills on time!

Once credit history has been established, instant approval student credit cards can be a nice option for those who need to get a credit card quickly. Student credit cards are a good tool in building a credit history. Caution needs to be used, though, to avoid digging oneself into a deep hole of debt.

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