Credit Cards for people with bad credit
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If you have bad credit
Many people find themselves on their credit card company’s bad credit list. The reason for your “not-so-favorable” credit history could be related to a variety of reasons. Your finances could have run into rough weather, defaulting on credit repayments often can get you on the credit card company’s bad credit blacklist.

Bad credit credit cards
Having a bad credit history does not have to be the end of the road for you as regards credit cards. Although getting a regular credit card is tougher for people with a bad credit history, it is not impossible. There are bad credit credit cards offered by banks for precisely these people. Often people with poor credit histories have to face steep APRs and very little in the way of “additional incentives”. However, bad credit credit cards do offer a way of rebuilding a borrower’s financial reputation: if a customer is able to demonstrate financial responsibility by meeting monthly repayments, they can expect to be offered a better card with a better rate. On the other hand, if they still fail to meet the repayments their credit rating will receive a severe blow.

Things to remember
If you decide to go for a bad credit credit card, be sure to expect high APRs besides annual charges and even a security deposit (in some cases). People with a bad credit history have the option of applying for a secured credit card or a pre-paid credit card. The APRs on these type of credit cards can be anywhere between 9.9% to as high as 30% depending upon your credit rating. For people with a bad credit history, it is imperative that the balances on the card are kept as low as possible and the repayments be made on time.

3 thoughts on “Credit Cards for people with bad credit

  1. Hi, I’m just researching for my thesis. I read this article and its relevant to my topic. But Could you please provide list of custodian banks available. ?

    1. Hi, Thanks for reading our blog. These are the list

      Banco de Oro Unibank
      Bank of America
      Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
      Bank of Ireland Securities Services
      Bank of New York Mellon
      BBVA Compass
      BNP Paribas Securities Services
      Brown Brothers Harriman
      CIBC Mellon
      Comerica Bank
      Credit Suisse
      Deutsche Bank
      Danske Bank
      Estrategia Investimentos
      E.SUN Commercial Bank
      Fifth Third Bank
      Goldman Sachs
      HDFC Bank
      Huntington National Bank
      ICICI Bank
      Japan Trustee Services Bank
      JPMorgan Chase
      Kasbank N.V.

      Good Luck with your thesis.

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