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Credit cars are of various types, every one has to select credit cards on the basis of the pros and cons of each type of credit card and at the same time the nature of use. This article gives an insight into the several types of credit cards available in the market

What are instant approval credit cards?

What is the principle behind reward credit cards

How do cash back credit cards work?

How prepaid credit cards can be made use of?

Today, credit card customers enjoy more options and choices than ever before. To gain new customers, credit card companies compete by offering new services and cards to customers. No matter what your needs, chances are good that there is a card out there that would be ideal for you. If you are looking for the right card, you can begin by considering the many types of cards available to you:

Low Interest Credit Cards

These types of credit cards offer very low interest. In some cases, these cards just charge a few percent interest. The reasons for this are numerous. In most cases, the low interest rate is for a limited time only. After a set number of months, you will begin paying higher interest rates. In some cases, low interest credit cards are not really credit cards at all – they are debit cards linked to a low-interest loan such as a line of credit. Check your agreement to find out what type of card you have. If you need to consolidate debts or if you like the idea of having low interest for a while, this type of credit card can be perfect for you.

Instant Approval Credit Cards

These cards are really a product of our fast-paced society. The idea behind this type of credit card is that once you fill out your application, you will be told whether you are approved or not right away. The approval process only takes a few minutes. Instant approval credit cards are very popular online and applicants can apply via the internet or over the phone.

If you are very impatient or need credit right away, these types of cards can be for you. However, you should be aware that these cards do not guarantee that you will be approved right away – sometimes, more time is needed to process your application. Another drawback to these cards is that they rely heavily on your credit score. If you have poor credit or any extenuating financial circumstances, these types of cards may not be for you.

Balance Transfer Cards

Balance transfer cards is a type of temporary low-interest card that is meant to help you consolidate your debt. They work this way: if you have several credit cards with a balance, you can get a balance transfer card. You then transfer all your credit card debt onto the new card and work to pay it off. Since the new card has a low interest rate, you can quickly repay your bills.

If you are in debt, a balance transfer card can be a great way to get out of debt. It offers the convenience of one bill and low rates. However, some cards have high fees. Also, if you run up your other cards after consolidating your debts or if you are unable to pay off your new card in the limited time before the low interest rate increases, you may find yourself even more in debt than before.

Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards credit cards offer you points, rewards, or bonuses for every cash purchase made with your credit card over time. As you accumulate rewards or points, you can redeem your bonus for entertainment events, purchases, travel, and other fun prizes. Some cards even offer customers extra automatic-enter sweepstakes and draws. Each time you use your card, you are entered into a draw to win specific prizes.

These types of cards are really a marketing tool for card companies. Companies know that customers love rewards and prizes and so offer these enticements to lure customers. The major advantage of these cards is that they can help you get more cash value for your money. They can also be fun and rewarding for almost any credit card customer. However, not all reward credit cards are a deal. Some charge high fees to offset the costs of the bonuses. Some also have very low points systems, meaning that you need to spend a lot with your credit card to get any rewards at all. Read the fine print carefully before signing.

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