FAQs on Credit Report
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Will obtaining a copy of my credit report lower my score?
Absolutely not. When you obtain a copy of your credit report the credit reporting bureaus can distinguish that you are not a creditor seeking information about your history therefore it has no effect on your credit rating.

How often should I check my credit report?
This varies on the individual but you should review it at least once per year. If you have been a victim of identity theft or disputing inaccuracies on your report(s) you should check each one approximately every 90 days.

I was turned down for credit recently and don’t know what to do next.
If you were turned down for credit you should have received a credit denial letter from the creditor (if you did not receive it you should ask for one) which entitles you to a free copy of your credit report. Once you get a copy of your credit report take time to review it and make notes of any inaccuracies. Once you have found mistakes on your report find any documentation which supports that it is a mistake and dispute them to each reporting agency.

What is the difference between the single bureau report and the 3 in 1?
The single bureau report allows you to pull only one credit report whereas the 3 in 1 is all 3 credit reports in 1 detailed report. The 3 in 1 report is the better value and gives you more insight into what all 3 bureaus have.

I was asked to provide credit authorization for a job. Is this legal?
If you authorized the potential employer to check your credit then it is legal. More and more employers are using credit reports as a part of their hiring process.

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