Credit Card Late Fees Payment- 8 Preventing Tips
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Tired of paying credit card late fees? A little discipline and punctuality would do the trick! Here are some of the useful tips that you can follow to avoid credit card late fees. Follow these tips and you can be assured of credit card no late fees.

  1. Always remember when your bill is due. 
    This tip is specifically for first time credit card users. You should always know the specific date when your bill is due so that you can prepare or save up the money that is needed to settle your bill.
  2. Know your credit card company’s rules and policy. 
    There are different payment guidelines for each credit card company. It is wise that you check them out and understand them fully. Some company would set a specific time of the day when you can pay for your bill, beyond that you would be charged a late fee. You would often see payment rules at the back of your credit card bill.
  3. Ensure that your payments are credited. 
    You can check with your credit cards’ customer support to follow up if they received your money on time. It would be recommended that you use the printed envelope where you can seal in your money. These envelopes are usually provided by your credit card company. Include in the envelope your billing coupon. Carefully fill out the envelope and the billing coupon. Make sure that the information you provide is complete and accurate. Pay special attention to the amount, credit card or check account number and your signature, these things should always be written legibly.
  4. Being punctual pays. 
    Send your payment 10 days or 2 weeks before your due date. This would ensure you that there would be no late fees that you will have to pay at all.
  5. If you cannot pay the entire bill, at least pay minimum
    Credit card companies allow their users to pay a specific minimum amount per month. Make it a habit to at least pay your bill every month. You can just settle your balance as soon as you have the money for it.
  6. Request your due date be change
    If you feel that you receive your credit card bill in a bad time, when you have the least money, you can actually request your provider to change your due date in a time most convenient to you. You can opt to change your due date after your payday where you are sure that you have the money to pay for your bill.
  7. Enroll in online auto-payments
    Paying online can be your best guard against late fees. Request that your account cover for the minimum amount due each month or even a month in advance. This would not only help you avoid late fees but it can also lower down interest rate.
  8. Paying though phone
    If you think that paying your bill through snail mail cause you serious delay and the reason why you are incurring late fees, you can have your bills paid through phone. You can call the customer service toll free number that is usually written at the bank of your card. There may be a charge of $5 or so for this service.

The single most effective way to avoid credit card late fees is to pay your bill as soon as you have it. It would also be a good advice to take it easy on using your credit card if you feel that you would not be able to pay for it on time. Late fees can easily be avoided with a little discipline on your part!

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