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Do you know how credit card works? – It works like a line of credit. You begin by applying for a credit card with a company. When you do, you will be asked to answer many questions about your identity and finances.

The company issuing the credit card will also check your credit rating with a major credit bureau. These questions and this check will help the company determine how likely you are to repay your debts and based on this information the bank will decide whether to issue you a card or not.

Once you have a credit card, you will learn what your credit limit is. Your credit limit is the maximum amount of money you can charge to your credit card before you need to start repaying what you owe. For example, if your credit card limit is $500, you can make up to $500 in purchases. After that, you will need to repay at least some of that amount before you buy more. Once you have your card, you can make purchases online, over the phone, and in person. Each time you make a purchase, the store or establishment where you are shopping will ask for the name of your credit card, your credit card number, your name, and your card’s expiration date. This information allows for credit card processing, which means that the establishment will contact the credit card company with your information and the amount of your purchase. The company that issued you the card will give money to the establishment. In return, you must pay the credit card company the money for the purchase.

What Happens After Your Purchase?

Once your credit card is charged, you will have to repay the credit card company. Once a month, you will get a bill from your card company. This bill will outline what purchases were made on your credit card and how much money you owe to the company. In some cases, you can also check credit card information online, so that you can check your purchases more frequently than once a month.

When you get your credit card bill, it is important that you check to make sure that you recognize each purchase on your card and that the purchases are for the correct amount. The best way to do this is to keep your receipts and compare them against your credit card once a month. Once you have done this, you will need to pay either the minimum amount indicated on your bill or you will need to pay the total amount you owe. If you only pay the minimum amount on your credit card bill, you will be charged interest on the remaining balance.

Now that you know how credit card works, you can decide whether this type of financial responsibility is for you. If you already own credit cards, understanding how they work can help you use your cards more effectively. Happy shopping!

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shailedher babu

Thanks for sharing the information on how the credit card works. i always wondered how does a money transaction gets completed with just one swipe on the credit card machine even without cash in the account linked to the credit card. Thank you for clearing out all my assumptions on how it works.