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We lead busy, fast-paced lives. Unfortunately, many of us do not even realize what is happening on a daily basis. It’s not until something changes that we sit up and take notice. This convenient life many of lead makes it easy to become lazy, disassociated with ourselves, and even more unhealthy. It has actually been proven through consumer research by the Journal of Consumer Research that using credit cards are making people fat…well, sort of.

Credit CardThe consumer study that was done monitored a thousand homes during a six month stretch of time. Research shows that those families paying with credit cards or event through digital mode of payments for groceries and convenience foods spent more money than those families paying with cash. That money spent was used to buy unhealthy meal choices like fast food and junk food and led to more purchases that were impulsive and not necessary.

Typically, we purchase junk food impulsively. We see it, want it, and are apt to buy it if we have our credit cards. If we are without the adequate cash, we leave it on the shelf. It was also revealed that it is psychologically spending cash is much harder on us mentally than swiping a credit card.

Shifting the Blame Again?

It may be difficult to swallow – this placing blame for our obesity problems on yet another source. However, the mounting evidence that there is a direct relationship between plastic and bad eating. This is not to say that people do not have a responsibility to make better choices for their spending or eating habits. They do. It is always easier to blame something or someone else for our issues and with the bad rap credit cards get these days, the results seem a little suspicious.

But on the other hand, it does make sense that convenience makes consumers lazy sometimes. We can whip out the plastic and take home what we need without much thought as to where the money is coming from in some cases. However, if you are financially responsible and do work hard to manage your credit cards and your spending, you likely do take time to consider the groceries you are buying and will avoid impulsive buying of junk food.

Maybe we should do our own personal studies. We can make one trip to the grocery store completely on credit and then next using only the cash you have on hand. See if you really do have a different perspective on how you shop and what you buy. It seems that is the only results that should matter to our families and our finances personally.

It is easy to place blame outside of ourselves. The credit card seems to have just added another hater to its list.


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