Personal Advice For Bankruptcy From Banking Cares
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Sometimes even with the best of intentions, the declaration of bankruptcy is unavoidable. The difference is that this is not the game of Monopoly where everyone can just laugh about it, this is a serious step, and a step that should not be taken lightly or without consideration of options, alternatives, and of course the advice of a good bankruptcy lawyer.

The law on bankruptcy varies from state to state, sometimes drastically, so, first of all, you need to understand the laws in your state and how they apply to your specific situation. Keep in mind that personal bankruptcy and business, corporation, or limited liability partnership bankruptcy all carry different requirements and also require different actions and filings from you.

Before declaring bankruptcy, spend some time to thoroughly investigate what alternatives and options might be available to you. Sometimes just reading over some suggestions for alternatives can cause a possibility to pop into your head, which could be a viable solution for you.

The point is to not ignore your investigation of those possibilities.

Regardless of the many books available on the topic about “do it yourself bankruptcy”, our recommendation is don’t do it. With the way that the laws change on a regular basis, as well as being different from state to state, a written book is almost out-of-date even before the time it makes it into print. The point here is to ensure that you find a good bankruptcy attorney.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than not knowing what to expect for a decision, especially a decision as large as bankruptcy. Understand the process and be aware of what to expect. See our page on Filing Bankruptcy. Is your job done when the bankruptcy paperwork is finalized? No, not by a long shot. Whether business or personal, you have a long row to hoe in terms of re-establishing your credit, which is a basic requirement in today’s world. And the time to start that is NOW.

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